Top 5 Indian Street food dishes that are a treat for your taste buds

Indian street food is diverse in culture. The taste and the uniqueness of each dish are marvelous. Every street food of India is so famous worldwide that people from different countries come to visit India just to have a taste of the colorful street food. The top 5 on the charts are –

Chicken 65

Tasty India Food

The most ordered food item in India among the non-veg. street stalls. The red color of the chicken and the spicy feel is really mouthwatering. It is usually consumed as a side dish with some main courses.

Chettinad chicken

Indian Street Food Raleigh NC

The color and taste of the Chettinad chicken make anyone greedy. To consume a Chettinad chicken by tolerating its spice is mastered only with time.

Chole Bhaturey

Indian Street Food, Crab tree mall

If one is looking for a meal after having some tasty snacks, it must be Chole Bhaturey. Bhaturey (puffed and deep-fried Indian bread) is served filled 1ith smashed chickpeas with some shredded, green chutney, onions, and pickle or achar. It surely is a perfect meal from a street food stall.

Chicken tandoori

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Chicken tandoori is an all-in-one food item that is consumed as a snack as well as the main course. The kebab-like fried chicken pieces with spices are so delicious.

Veg. fried rice

Vege Fried Rice

Veg fried rice may sound like a food item that should be consumed only from a reputable restaurant but the actual way of making fried rice by street food stalls makes it tastier. Veg. fried rice can be consumed with curry or just like that as you prefer!