Did you know the story behind 65 and which are popular 65 dishes?

Whenever you wish to try something different from a regular meal a hot, dry, and spicy starter with the 65 number comes to our mind. But do you know the reason for these dishes to have their name with the 65 number? These dishes hail essentially from the South of India and have a special flavor and spices from that region.

It is known that possibly these dishes contained 65 different ingredients and hence the name contained this number. Some others believe that the chef who prepared it first used 65 different chilies for every kilogram of chicken.

Although the most common dish known is Chicken 65 and is a favorite serve with alcoholic drinks, this recipe has become a common trend and other preparations such as Paneer 65, Fish 65, and more are also a hot favorite amongst the foodies.

Chicken 65

It is prepared by marinating it with chili, turmeric and coriander powder, curd, and salt for at least 4-5 hours. Then it is fried in hot oil after which it is taken out separately in a pan and stir-fried for 4-5 minutes with green chilies, ketchup, and curry leaves. Serve it hot with drinks and enjoy it with your friends over the weekend!

Paneer 65

This is a tasty vegetarian starter that is prepared with cottage cheese or paneer blended with spices, yogurt, and stir-fried with onions and curry leaves. It is a great dish even to have as a side dish with your regular meal.

Fish 65

It is a favorite for parties and amongst kids as well. The boneless fish is marinated with turmeric, salt, pepper, cumin powder, garam masala powder (a mix of spices), chili, lemon juice, ginger, and garlic paste. Then it is mixed with all-purpose flour, cornflour, and rice flour and fried for about 2 minutes. Served hot, you will love this dish any time of the evening or even at lunch.