Diversity in the Court

The Crabtree Valley Mall Food Court. If you live in the triangle you have most likely been inside the food court and dined there.

Have you noticed how many of the restaurants are similar? For example, Chick-Fil-A and Highway 55. Or East Asian cuisine like, P.F. Changs and Thai Bistro. All the restaurants have exquisite food, but it can be boring to eat similar cuisines repeatedly.

Meet PandyaNad, the only South Asian restaurant in the whole mall. Try our Indian street food to change up your regular. We have flavors from all over India. Try the Indo-Chinese menu to get a taste of India’s Northeast or try the South Indian food to go the opposite way. Either direction you want to go, PandyaNad has it. So next time you get tired of the Fries come give our food a try.