In the mood of a special flavored meat? Indulge in Lamb Sukha Varuval!

If you are a foodie, Lamb Sukha Varuval is a must-try dish. A specialty lamb dish from the South of India, it originates from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu state in India.

It is a slightly spicy dish and can be enjoyed with a meal or by itself. This is one dish that you can have either with rice and dal, flatbreads, or even as an appetizer along with cocktails.

How we prepare it

Step # 1:

Though it is an easy dish to prepare once the meat is already cooked. But it promises a great taste after it is prepared. It is pressure-cooked first to ensure the meat is well-cooked. Once the bone falls off from the meat, we know it is done. The meat would be tender by now as well.

Step # 2:

Then the meat is pan-roasted with onions, garlic, ginger, and spices in coconut oil. The meat is roasted till you can see the gravy as dark and well-melded with the meat. It will now have a crispy and caramelized taste.

We usually roast in curry leaves along with the meat to bring in the true and authentic Chettinad taste. You will enjoy this every time you place your order with us, and we ensure you get the same taste with each order.