2 Fresh Ways to Have Paneer from Pandyanad with your drinks this summer!

Here are 2 fresh paneer dishes you must try this season. It’s time to indulge in the ever-so versatile cottage cheese that we all grew up with!

Paneer/Chenna is commonly known as cottage cheese paneer. A famous ingredient in South Asian cuisine, it is a favorite of both North and East Indians. It’s a type of fresh cheese made out of milk that is not only easy to prepare at home but is also high in calcium. Paneer or cottage cheese is used in starters as well as main dishes.

If you like paneer starters, then go for any of these two from our menu that is made by frying them a bit and sauteing them in specially blended spices perfect to suit the final flavor.

Paneer Manchurian Dry

The Paneer Manchurian Dry is marinated in cornflour, finely chopped garlic-ginger, salt, and pepper. After the paneer is marinated, it’s deep-fried in oil. Then, the onions are finely chopped and fried till golden brown. Now the ginger, green chilies, celery, and capsicum are added to this mix. Next, add soya and tomato sauce to it. After that, the fried paneer cubes are added to this mixture with white vinegar. Reaching the finale, we season the dish with salt and black pepper. Stir well and let simmer for a minute. Stir occasionally till all is mixed well. The garnish with green spring onions makes it a perfect starter to enjoy with cocktails and drinks.

Chilli Paneer (Dry or With Gravy)

When you are in the mood to spice up your life, try this yummy Chilli Paneer!

We coat the paneer in cornstarch batter and fry it till it is golden and crisp. After that, we make a fresh chili sauce by sauteing freshly chopped spring onions, garlic, capsicum, soya with chili sauce, and vinegar. Bring in a bit of the cornstarch batter in the mix and finally add the fried paneer to the chili paneer sauce.

All paneer starters are easy to grab when you are on the go and want a wholesome snack. They also are pretty popular at parties and get-togethers as they are creamy and delicious. Try any of these starters today. Order on pandyanad.com and impress your friends and family with a tasty treat!